State Auction Association Conference Season Is In Full Force

February 1, 2014

Some would argue that the auction industry has seasons. Depending on the type of auctions an auctioneer or auction company conducts, the season will vary.

However, there is no doubt that most state auctioneer associations have a winter conference, and these winter conferences are usually in January and February. As a result, the state auction association conference season is in full swing.

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to be a guest speaker at The Virginia Auctioneers Association in Williamsburg Virginia. What an active and great group of auctioneers.

Last week was The Kansas Auctioneers Association Winter Convention. We had great presenters in attendance, including Hannes Combest the CEO of the National Auctioneers Association, Auctioneer J.J. Dower from Tennessee and Benefit Auctioneer Gala Gal Jenelle Taylor. The educational seminars were well received, and a special thanks goes to our education committee chair Aaron Traffas for organizing these great presenters.

In addition, we had a lively and fun auctioneers contest where we chose our top 10 finalists for the final round to be held in September at the state fair in Hutchison Kansas where we will crown our 2014-15 State Champion Auctioneer. This year we will actually have 11 semi finalists as a result of a tie for 10th and 11th place. The prelims were streamed via the internet for those who were unable to attend. We are hoping to do this at the fair this Fall as well.

I am grateful for the opportunity to begin the second year of my three year term on the board of directors for the KAA. It is a wonderful organization.

Today the Iowa Auctioneers Association started their winter conference, and because of technology, we were able to watch the auction contest via streaming video. I watched the contest while updating content on our website and intermittently goofing off with the kids. My wife thinks I am an auction addict, and she is correct.

So what’s next? This coming week I will be traveling to Arkansas to present at their winter conference and also help judge their auctioneer contest. I am looking forward to seeing some friends, meeting new friends and sharing what I can.

And then? The Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association will have its winter convention in a couple weeks at The Elms in Excelsior Springs Missouri. Soon enough it will be March and we will be thinking about green grass, warm weather and the NAA Conference and Show coming up in July.

I suppose their is an auction season, and this is the season to learn and fellowship with our auction friends and family.


Auctioneers – How May I Serve You?

October 9, 2011

This week in Overland Park Kansas The National Auctioneers Association will have it’s fall board of directors meeting. As an elected member of the board, I will be meeting with other elected leaders from the industry where we will be working on the business of the association as well as discussing the future of the auction industry.

Sometimes it is easy to forget to do the simple task of asking those who elected us to serve, how we can best serve you.

So with that in mind, I ask. If you are an auctioneer or work in the auction industry, how can The National Auctioneers Association serve you? What would you like to see us do as we look to the future, and make decisions that have an influence on you as an auction professional?

Please feel free to comment here or send me an email at

I can assure you that we appreciate your input and ask again, how may I serve you?

10 Myths of Real Estate Auctions – Myth 9

October 3, 2011

Myth 9 – All auction companies are the same, and all auctions are run the same.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions for each auction and that you call the auction company to ensure that you understand their use of specific terminology.

There are many variables that should not be assumed to be the same for every company. One example is that some companies utilize a percentage of the high bid while others utilize a flat amount for the deposit on auction day.

Other considerations are licensure and continuing education within the real estate and auction industry. It is important to work with auctioneers who are committed to their industry. Several questions to ask a prospective auctioneer or auction company are:

Are you actively involved in the National Auctioneers Association? Do you have additional certifications of industry related education such as Certified Auctioneers Institute, Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate, Auction Technology Specialist, etc?

It is my opinion that we should never stop learning, and never stop striving to be the best that we can be. This is the only way that we can ensure that we are always on the cutting edge, and suited to help our clients in their time of need.

There are a lot of great auctioneers and auction companies out there to choose from. Understanding the differences between them can help you find a provider who is a good fit for you and your specific needs.

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